Five businesses

There are five businesses under the Bilba Group umbrella: Northern Stock Water, Elsam, Joco Fencing, Great Northern Tanks and Bullwaddy Pastoral Co. These divisions offer individual services or can combine to offer an integrated approach for large pastoral holdings.

Tanks & troughs

Poly Pipe.
Highest standard poly pipe
PE100 H112PC
Delivery & installation

Barb & plain wire
Cattle panels & gates

Steel Water Tanks.
Heavy duty tanks
Reinforced fabric liners
Range of sizes

Cattle Station.
Tanks & troughs

Northern Stock Water was the first of our divisions which began with designing and manufacturing precast tanks. We are the only manufacturer of precast concrete troughs in the NT.
Elsam was established in 2009 when we identified the market for manufacturing PE pipe in the NT. Our pipe is manufactured to the highest Australian Standards having ISO 9001 Accreditation and Watermark Accreditation.
Great Northern Tanks (GNT) began in 2012 when we designed and manufactured our first steel liner tank. GNT now sell over 600 tanks each year and we are taking our tank supply nationally in 2019.
Joco Fencing is the newest development of our business which began trading in 2014 manufacturing and supplying fencing products. Our fencing products include pickets, barb wire, cattle panels and gates.